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Floors are an important part of every interior and determine to a large extent how a space is experienced. Piet Boon by Senso resin flooring originated from the need to enrich the Studio Piet Boon living experience with a different type of flooring. The balanced collection is based on the studio’s philosophy: balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Piet Boon by Senso is made of high-quality natural materials and consists of eight subdued colors, so that each interior is provided with a timeless Studio Piet Boon character.
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The Piet Boon collection is based on three material concepts “Titan”, “Fusion”, “Grain” and consists of eight exclusive subdued colors: Smoke, Bone, Shell, Pebble, Mud, Terra, Slate and Forest. Fusion offers a smooth matt finish and is created by mixing two colors by hand. For Grain, Senso explored the possibility of giving the Fusion collection a textured appearance without the use of marble or other weft materials. The floor is ‘peppered’ with fire dried quartz and then polished in three steps. This creates a sanded effect that gives the floor a beautiful texture. The Titan collection is inspired by the ancient Terrazzo floors from Italy. For this, broken marble is mixed with cement and then polished. Unlike the age-old floors, the Titan line is not susceptible to cracking because real Italian marble is mixed with biopolymer. The result is a beautiful finish that lasts a lifetime and can be placed completely seamlessly.

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