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Our joint endeavor with the acclaimed Milan-based rug artisan, cc-tapis has blossomed into an exquisite range of premium, hand-made rugs that demonstrate a blend of craftsmanship and design.

About cc-tapis

With more than two decades of experience in producing hand-made rugs, cc-tapis, founded by Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni, is guided by a deep appreciation for the time-honored tradition of rug-making. Now based in Milan, under the creative leadership of Daniele Lora, their team of designers innovates through a fresh approach to established methods.


At the core of cc-tapis is a great respect for the materials and the heritage of this celebrated craft. Far from mass production, cc-tapis caters to those who understand and value a high-end product that embodies an enduring cultural narrative. A commitment to sustainability and quality which extends throughout the entire production process.


Office with rug
Piet Boon by cc-tapis

cc-tapis’ rugs are the result of meticulous handwork at two distinct ateliers, each capitalizing on local resources. Here, experienced artisans and their families weave tales of timeless traditions into the very fabric of each rug, creating a testament to generational expertise. In collaboration with designers and artists, cc-tapis breathes life into their concepts and ideas, exploring natural materials and innovative combinations to make something entirely new.

Welcome to a world where design meets tradition, where each cc-tapis rug offers not just a product, but a story.

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