ELEMENT kitchen Antigua

A kitchen on an island

This exceptionally well-thought-out family kitchen is made of high-quality materials and meets the requirements of a professional chef. This ELEMENT kitchen is placed in a villa.

The design of the ELEMENT kitchen is spacious with enough space for a large group. The colors and materials are coordinated with those of the adjacent spaces.

Element kitchen with dining room
Element kitchen design

Not only the design, but also the functionality is of a high level in this design. This kitchen meets the requirements of a professional chef. All necessary technical products are aesthetically incorporated into the design. The countertop requires little maintenance and is durable.

The kitchen has a serene appearance. The countertop consists of Caesar Stone Clamshell Leather. The fronts are made of robust clay-stain brushed oak.

The mix of materials and the overall appearance proved to be very inspiring. This kitchen forms a whole with its surroundings.

The end result is an impressive kitchen, where cooking on every level will be a pleasure.

Antigua kitchen
Element kitchen Antigua

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