ELEMENT kitchen Amstelveen

Clean and harmonious

The layout of this ELEMENT kitchen creates a peaceful look.The cabinets, placed throughout the space, enhance the calm atmosphere.The result is a functional, aesthetic kitchen. Technical elements are seamlessly integrated into the design, such as a wine cooler that blends into the wall unit. The countertops, a canvas of Silk Georgette polished natural stone, and the robust Skinning Stone – stone-like off-white – provide a beautiful contrast.

The design of this ELEMENT kitchen is understated. To make optimal use of the space, we have chosen to place the kitchen lengthwise. The cabinets are placed on the other side of the room to give the kitchen a serene appearance. The dining tables is the centerpiece of this space.

All necessary technical products are aesthetically incorporated into the design. A wine climate cabinet is integrated into the design of the wall cabinet.

The kitchen has a serene appearance. The countertop consists of Silk Georgette honed natural stone. The fronts are made of robust Skinning Stone matt lacquered oak. The fronts are Ceta gray brushed oak.

The end result is a kitchen where peace reigns.

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