City View Apartment

City View Apartment

The interior design for this apartment is designed to be a calming Feng shui-inspired refuge in the bustling city of Amsterdam. We began by removing the previous layout and planned the new space based on the owner’s priorities, taking into account the existing structure and plumbing. The residents wanted the organized and functional flow of a continuous open space, with an optimal use of the 180-degree view the apartment provides.

Everything from the layout, elevations, and furniture to the lighting, homeware and artworks were carefully assessed and curated, taking into account the owner’s specific needs in terms of their lifestyle and day-to-day use of the home.

KEKKE kitchen stool
City view apartment

The apartment is located on the sixth floor and provides a spectacular view over the different parts of the city. From the far end of the harbor in the west to the Cruise terminal to the east. This panorama gives the owners a vista that changes gradually over the course of the day. The use of different structures and finishes plays with the constantly changing light and reflections in the different rooms.

CIty View
BO dining sofa

The client’s wish to create a Feng shui home for two, meant we invited a Feng shui master to be involved with the project. Our interpretation of this Chinese philosophy is to be found in the routing and location of specific functions in the house, without losing sight of the functionality of the spaces which was of equal importance to the owners. For example, a custom-made cabinet was given a central place in the living room. This functions as an ingenious concealment for a television which rotates and is therefore useable from both the kitchen and the living room.

TRIBE floor lamp by Maretti Lighting

The walls and ceiling, both in a special stucco, merge completely into the environment, creating a harmonious whole. The use of natural colors creates a composed balance in all of the rooms, radiating a sense of peace and openness. Bespoke details, such as the niches displaying personal art objects, are subtle reminders of the couple’s wide-ranging travels to other cultures.

TWO hardware by Formani

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