Landscape Villa

This spacious villa graces a generous plot hidden in a wooded area, where peace and quiet abound. This family home feels friendly and accessible due to its low profile consisting of a basement and just two floors above ground level. The villa is resplendent with bespoke detailing with the distinct Studio Piet Boon signature in evidence throughout the property. The garden, designed by landscape architect Piet Oudolf, features an outdoor swimming pool offering refreshment on hot summer days, while the recessed seating area with its fireplace and barbeque creates a sense of serenity until late in the evening. A separate garden house embraces the informal atmosphere of the estate with a sunken ground floor plus first floor. Equipped with a complete pantry, a bathroom and a separate meeting room with an adjoining terrace overlooking the pine trees.

In the entrance hall, the natural stone staircase provides access to the first floor and features a unique composition of light in the stairwell. There is a direct view through to the eat-in kitchen which for this family is the heart of the home. A wall of glass, which may be opened in its entirety, brings the garden indoors. An impressive bronze lamp by Studio Molen creates a touch of drama and makes a strong statement in the double height space.

Sand tones, which serve as the base palette for the whole villa, allow contrasting dark furniture and myriad textures to come into their own. Consistent formal proportions and refined bright accent colors illustrate the personality of the family, and allow the residents to enjoy the serene, welcoming atmosphere to the fullest.

Landscape Villa

As dog lovers, the owners opted for a separate and fully bespoke dog shower, with adjoining bench and pantry. Durable materials, such as ceramic tiles with concrete look & feel, have been used for the design and every feature has been tailored to the last detail for the beloved four-legged friends.

When entering the adjoining basement, gleaming copper beer vats immediately catch the eye. A private brewery offers the owner the freedom to experiment with the fermentation and distillation of his own beers. A pipe connects the vats directly to a tap in the outdoor kitchen. A spacious wine cellar, both cozy and harmonious, features dark tones and comfortable seating.

Landscape Villa
Landscape Villa

In addition to the gym, the indoor swimming pool with waterjet and the adjoining wellness area have been created with luxurious and timeless materials. Pietra dei medici – poco veccio, a type of natural stone that has been finished in various applications, was used throughout. The walls feature custom-made niches and the space is ideally suited to be lit with atmospheric candlelight.

In addition to its functional character, the hidden underground parking garage expresses the owner’s love of vehicles. The recesses in the ceiling, which let in daylight, and custom-made lighting, create a special and subdued atmosphere. Striking details such as a neon light feature create elements of surprise in this ‘Batcave’.

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At Studio Piet Boon we always put tireless effort into getting to know our clients. It allows us to deliver the most relevant designs and exceed expectations. As we delve into the wishes and the purpose of a project, each Studio Piet Boon design is tailor made.

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