Downtown Apartment

Work in progress

Studio Piet Boon brings together classic and modern Amsterdam in a refreshing redesign of this city center apartment. Located along the canals in proximity to Rijksmuseum, this area — famous for its art galleries and antique stores — is reflected in the interior design of the apartment. By integrating unique antique pieces like furniture as requested by the owner, the local, exterior surroundings become an integral feature of the interior. Further bringing the past to the present, parts of the building’s original foundation are exposed and enhanced to transform this space into a contemporary home tailored to the needs of the client.

Each floor of this four-level apartment is redesigned with a perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The entrance of the apartment opens to the original staircase, which takes the owners from the foyer to the first floor containing the living area connected to a centralized, open kitchen and dining corner.

The space is further lightened with the enlargement of the windows in the rear, overlooking the canal. Going up one level, the sleeping quarters have a totally new layout, including two bedrooms, a bathroom, and laundry room. While the guest bedroom is created by merging two bedrooms into one, the master bedroom is expanded by exposing its original beams. On the top level of the apartment, the attic is converted to accommodate a work space with a cozy sleeping nook for kids. Throughout the apartment, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, light colors, and warm, natural wood flooring are applied for a modern, bright touch. With our characteristic Studio Piet Boon signature, our team of designers renovate every level of this home into an airy, open, light and functional space that’s perfect for the family and their guests.

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