Canal House Amsterdam

Canal House Amsterdam

Studio Piet Boon was tasked with the interior design of a private intimate residence along one of the most charming canals in Amsterdam. For this interior design project we were given carte blanche. Keeping with the distinct 17th century architecture, no alterations were made to exterior home design or the existing interior of the building. Redefining and repositioning spaces according to the wishes and lifestyle of the client, we created a harmonious effortless flow of generously proportioned and light filled living spaces.

Canal House Amsterdam

One of the starting points for the interior design was the client’s private art collection. Respecting the client’s wish of optimizing the use of art and incorporating his ideas, a wide made-to-measure cabinet was designed to feature and display various works, functioning as an decorative art piece on its own.

Matching the sophisticated character of the building and mirroring the client’s classical and sophisticated taste a quiet subdued color palette and delicate details were used throughout the residence, ensuring a calm and elegant, yet still contemporary environment. This allowed the focus to remain on the exceptional art.

Canal house

The interior of the canal house serves dual purposes: it creates a space for the client to work, as well as relax in the comfort of his own home. Rich and natural materials were used to achieve this goal, adding warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. At the heart of the house lies the conservatory with sliding roof, an unique and exclusive feature, as private outdoor areas are a luxury in Amsterdam. Allowing the client to bask in the sun in the summer and enjoy starry nights in the winter. This space truly brings the outdoors into the canal house.


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