Beach Villa

Bonaire Vacation Home

This project on Punt Vierkant, Bonaire, is a testament to our long-standing relationship with one of our clients.

The goal of our design team was to integrate the villa into a larger family enclave. In this project, we took on a multifaceted role: interior and exterior design, construction management, logistics, sourcing, styling and inhousing.

Bonaire villa entrance

The design offers stunning ocean views and features multiple balconies, an eye-catching staircase, a courtyard garden, multiple pergolas, a pool and a “classic” Piet Boon axis: a flowing transition from the front door to the ocean.

Custom handmade doors add a unique touch to the villa. We used a ‘beach’ palette with darker millwork, as requested by the client. The materials were chosen for their durability in the Caribbean environment, including salt-proof detailing. 

Kitchen area
Bar stools
Bonaire walk in closet

The villa features practical, high concrete baseboards for easy floor cleaning. And high-quality Piet Boon fabrics are used throughout the house for both style and durability.

Bonaire Villa

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