Studio Piet Boon opens first Outdoor Flagship Store

14 March 2023

The first Piet Boon Outdoor Flagship Store will open at Skoon 80 in Oostzaan on March 15. This is where the design studio’s passion for nature comes to life. The 370m²-plus room, complete with patio space, is all about creating outdoor spaces that bring relaxation into everyday life. All the elements for a complete design coalesce here, in a serene yet sensational way. With this new addition to the three existing Flagship Stores—focused on the Living, Kitchen & Dining, and Bathroom themes—Studio Piet Boon can now offer a complete interior-exterior experience, together in one location.

"The essential elements of a home are the kitchen and an outdoor space to relax after a long day's work."

Piet Boon’s outdoor collection is designed to offer a complete experience, a space to enjoy the outdoors all year round. From furniture, lighting, tiles and heating to outdoor retreats and showers, each individual element comes into its own as part of the design. Part of that complete concept approach is collaborating with partners like Studio REDD to design custom gardens that reflect the timeless, unifying Studio Piet Boon signature.

The recently launched Piet Boon by Bronkhorst garden retreat is being showcased exclusively at the Piet Boon Outdoor Flagship Store starting March 15. The seamless flow from interior to exterior is what makes this design unique, with every detail carefully coordinated. The result is a top quality, fully furnished, finished design for the garden, available in two sizes and color palettes. And each element can be aligned to the individual user’s specific needs.

Just like all Studio Piet Boon designs, art also plays an essential role at the Outdoor Flagship Store. In keeping with the outdoor feel, each piece was made using only natural materials like wood, porcelain, and ceramics.

From March 15, visit the Piet Boon Outdoor Flagship Store to experience the tranquility of outdoor living at home. Appointments are available for those looking for more personal attention, tailored advice, or a fully custom design.

Piet Boon Outdoor Flagship Store

Contact details

Skoon 80C
1511 HV Oostzaan
The Netherlands
+31 20 722 00 35

Opening hours

Tuesday through Saturday                                                                         10:00 AM – 5:00 PM