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Piet Boon door handles by FORMANI – the beauty of simplicity

26 April 2024

Studio Piet Boon is synonymous with minimalist interiors where ‘understated luxury’ is leading. On this theme, Piet Boon says: ‘True simplicity is not less, but precision in every detail.’


The essence of design

Our minimalist designs aim for perfection in proportion and a harmonious color palette. Clean lines and serene colors are complemented by luxurious materials, such as our FORMANI door handles that combine understatement with luxury.

Formani door handle
Door handle

'Honest materials that age with dignity are essential,' says Piet Boon. 'Our own product designs, such as the FORMANI door handles, Domani pots, and COCOON faucets, are the perfect example of this.'

Hall way

The detail in door hardware - minimalist with maximum impact

Piet Boon emphasizes the importance of door hardware as a subtle yet powerful detail within minimalist design. ‘Our collaboration with FORMANI results in hardware collections that express our philosophy of less-is-more. Each piece transforms simplicity into luxury.’

Piet Boon
Spacious Canal House

The ONE, TWO, INC, and ARC collections

The ONE, TWO, INC, and ARC series are examples of this. Specifically, the INC, Piet’s personal favorite with L-shaped and T-shaped door handles, embodies this approach. A consistent mounting height of 1050 mm ensures visual calm. The expansion of the ONE series with bathroom accessories shows that minimalism permeates even the smallest details.

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