Piet Boon and Formani celebrate 10 years of partnership with new two collections

25 June 2020

The foundations of the solid partnership between Studio Piet Boon and Formani were laid down ten years ago, and it is with great pride that we reflect on a successful decade that has seen the ONE door hardware series evolve into a true icon. A mutual passion for quality and design forms the basis of our successful partnership. Capitalizing on this momentum, the existing ONE and TWO series now include two new and innovative, yet refreshingly simple, hardware designs: INC and ARC.

Ten years of passion

Studio Piet Boon and Formani believe in the beauty of simplicity combined with quality and functionality. The clean lines and geometric designs of the Piet Boon by Formani collections are pure, iconic, recognizable, and yet neutral. In addition to aesthetic design, functionality and quality always play a major role in the product development process. The overall hardware collection, consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings, is complemented by bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers and toilet brush holders, which enrich spaces and create a harmonious whole. The series of products, all in the recognizable Studio Piet Boon design and color palette, contributes to the serenity exuded by a living space. The product of ten consecutive years of partnership, the Piet Boon by Formani hardware collections have become statement furniture pieces in many beautiful homes, businesses, and hospitality projects worldwide. It’s safe to say that the ONE series has become a true icon in the world of interior design.


Doorware is an essential part of any project and gives a first impression when entering a room. The new Piet Boon by Formani INC and ARC hardware series originated from the vision to explore a different design language, but one which is in harmony with the identity of Studio Piet Boon. By experimenting with the round shapes in the design, new functions have been implemented to promote ergonomics. The INC and ARC collections, consisting of door fittings, window fittings, and furniture fittings, are available in satin stainless steel and PVD satin black.

If you are interested in the INC or ARC series and would like to receive more information, please click here.


“The door handle is the first handshake with a building.”


Soft curves and excellent grip formed the basis for the design of the INC doorware series, which won the Red Dot Design Award when first unveiled. Flattening a round cylinder volume towards the end created a more innovative design, giving the handle a smooth slope or ‘inclination’. This was the inspiration behind the name of the series: ‘INC’.


The ARC series is defined by its no-frills appearance, featuring clean lines and geometric shapes. The silhouette for this design was created from a cross-section of a cylinder, resulting in a flat side and round arch. The name for the Piet Boon by Formani ARC series, which was recently awarded the German Design Award 2020, refers to this arch-like shape.