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Launch of the Piet Boon by Davy & Ørsted Houseboats

22 May 2024

We are proud to present the D&Ø Houseboats, a new chapter in living on the water, crafted by Davy & Ørsted and designed by Studio Piet Boon. The D&Ø Houseboats offer a luxurious living experience on the water, featuring innovative design, functionality, and comfort.

Enriched living experience

With an increasing demand for navigable houseboats that provide a blend of recreation and dwelling, the D&Ø Houseboats promise tranquility, nature, and an off-grid lifestyle without the limitations of a permanent residence or fixed location.

Living part of the boat

‘Each design reflects our pursuit of quality, elegance, and innovation, with every detail contributing to an enriched living experience.’


Sustainable refuge amidst nature

Solar-powered, these boats are an oasis on the water, featuring recycled materials, electric propulsion, and self-sustaining water systems that redefine what it means to live responsibly off-grid. ‘Our houseboats offer more than just accommodation; they create an exceptional refuge amidst nature,’ says Theo Pauw, founder & marketing manager of D&Ø Houseboats. ‘Designed for recreation, flexible working, or living, our houseboats deliver an unparalleled experience where the freedom of the water meets the comfort of home.’


‘At Davy & Ørsted, we honor the innovative legacy of aluminum pioneers Sir Humphry Davy and Hans Christian Ørsted, which underpins the foundation of our houseboats,’ says Tim Klijn, founder & product development at D&Ø Houseboats. ‘Using recycled aluminum and a cradle-to-cradle approach, we pay tribute to these pioneers while also prioritizing sustainability.’


The water design approach

The approach taken by Studio Piet Boon in designing the D&Ø Houseboats is based on a delicate balance, where the functionality of a recreational vessel is harmoniously united with the elegant beauty of a yacht. A blend of soft curves and architectural finesse results in a silhouette that breathes both strength and grace. The design philosophy embraces integration and harmony, with gentle lines and thoughtful proportions providing a serene living experience on the water.

Meet the Comfort 65, Elegance 65 and Prestige 100

Comfort 65

Comfort 65

The Comfort 65 spans 65 square meters and features a spacious living room, a luxurious kitchen, and the choice of one or two bedrooms, accommodating 2 to 4 guests. Equipped with folding sliding doors, the living area extends effortlessly into an inviting outdoor terrace. On the upper deck, guests can revel in panoramic views, relax on luxurious loungers, and dine in comfort

Elegance 65

The Elegance 65 spans 65 square meters, featuring a spacious living room, a luxurious kitchen, and the flexibility of one or two bedrooms, accommodating 2 to 4 people. Folding sliding doors transform the living space seamlessly into an inviting terrace, merging interior comfort with the beauty of the outdoors. The luxurious upper deck offers panoramic views, opulent sun loungers, and a comfortable dining area. Navigation is effortless with the joystick control system, revolutionizing the mobility of the navigable houseboat by providing precise and intuitive control for docking and maneuvering in tight spaces.


Prestige 100

The Prestige 100 extends over a generous 100 square meters and comfortably accommodates 4 to 6 people. The main deck features living spaces, a kitchen, and the option of one or two bedrooms. The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces through sliding doors offers a luxurious and boundless living experience, with the interior seamlessly transitioning to a beautiful outdoor terrace. The upper deck boasts an additional master bedroom with panoramic views, a sauna providing a unique wellness experience on the water, and an inviting lounge area. Both models are equipped with a joystick control system, allowing effortless navigation for precision control and confidence on the water.

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About D&Ø

Davy & Ørsted, with a proud 20-year history in boat and marina management, is based in Amsterdam.

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