Modern Mountaintop Villa

Work in progress

In one of the most sought-after locations in Marbella, overlooking the rolling mountains of Andalusia, Studio Piet Boon is working on the interior of a modern, multi-storey villa. The overall design is spread over 4 floors and includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a living room, dining, kitchen, TV room, bar, roof terrace with outdoor kitchen and Jacuzzi, as well as a patio with a swimming pool.

Marbella’s distinctive architecture, with its soft lines and thickly plastered, sloping walls, was the chief design inspiration for this 454 m2 property which, in contrast to the local style, features straight lines.

Design project

The client wanted to create an elegant showcase for Senso’s cast floors, and the interplay between straight and curved lines here brings a sense of unity to the design. It’s a visual element that’s carried over into the walls and stairs, as well as the detailing on both the custom built-ins and moveable furniture. The result is a playful design that gives Senso’s cast floors even more power and depth.

Marbella Spain project

In keeping with the natural surroundings, the finishes highlight pairings of smooth and rough materials that together create a balanced, layered look in the colors of Marbella, combining light beige tones with wood species ranging from dark to light.


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At Studio Piet Boon we always put tireless effort into getting to know our clients. It allows us to deliver the most relevant designs and exceed expectations. As we delve into the wishes and the purpose of a project, each Studio Piet Boon design is tailor made.