Providing beautiful natural light, ventilation, protection and privacy, shutters are as much about function as they are a contemporary stylish addition to any home interior. Piet Boon by Zonnelux is a perfect reflection of our attention to detail, and timeless and elegant design. Beveled slats with minimal rounding, virtually invisible mechanisms and well-balanced dimensions make these shutters and wooden blinds a complement to every window. 


Studio Piet Boon has a deep-rooted passion for minimalist design where materials and colors play a crucial role. The collaboration with Zonnelux is a perfect reflection of this, combining our attention to detail, timelessness and elegant design. The Piet Boon by Zonnelux window decoration collection consists of shutters, wooden blinds, wooden blinds and fabric blinds. All of these products are produced in Europe and work well with various windows, such as tilt turn and trapeze windows and may be completely customized. With attention to every detail, it is possible to add various features to create the desired effect.


To create contrast, tension and warmth within one color experience, we use various materials and textures that shape our collection, each with its own luxurious appearance. Although the differences are subtle, the impact in a room is surprisingly large. The wooden blinds are available with ‘thin’ or ‘flat’ sticks, and in the case of the fabric blinds you may choose between the translucent and the dim-out version that lets in minimal light. The shutters are available with a slat width of 54 or 81 mm and the wooden blinds with a slat width of 50 or 65 mm. The thicker the slat, the more light let in.n one color palette, to create a sensational effect. The cover of this sofa is removable and may be replaced.

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