Bronze lighting sculpture or chandelier by Studio Molen, Frederik Molenschot

Urban Mansion Amsterdam

Located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, this villa is a variation on a classic Studio Piet Boon style. At four stories high, this home offers an extensive ground floor with a connected living, dining, kitchen area and complete with a workout space and wellness area tailored to the family’s needs. The upper levels provide private master suites, guest quarters and a cozy roof suite for the family’s teenager. The design for this home is defined by a high level of refinement and sophistication through a few design principles that are repeated throughout all parts of the home.

Consistent proportions, use of thin lines, a play with contrasts of matte and glossy, and an investigation into a new color scheme are the governing design principles throughout the home. Through details in doors, fitted furniture and wall panelling these repeating elements reinforce the unified design identity of the home throughout.

The design compliments the client’s extensive art collection by designing locations for art to be showcased throughout the home allowing the integration of art into their daily life.

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