Panoramic Swiss Timber Chalet

Work in progress

One of the design teams at Studio Piet Boon is currently working on both the interior and exterior of a traditional wooden chalet high up in the Swiss Alps. A place where few people live, but the view is promising. The client’s wish is to make the most of these vistas across the mountains and the lower-lying Verbier, with a design that offers contemporary comfort and creates an oasis of tranquility, surrounded by art.

It is the sweeping panoramas that give this alpine retreat its serene character. After passing through the art gallery, a colorful area unfolds, filled with green forests and snow-capped peaks. During the construction into a contemporary family home, the large windows of the original design are kept fully intact. The same applies to the French doors leading to the swimming pool, which, like the windows, deepen the connection between indoors and outdoors.

Verbier private home

In line with the traditional architectural style of the chalet, emphasis is placed on the use of natural materials such as wood and natural stone. The authentic beams remain visible, and the wooden walls are also present in various places. In addition, metal accents are added. Warm shades of gray have been chosen. These design choices create a connection between the home and the natural environment: a harmonious indoor-outdoor experience.

Stay tuned for updates on this project in progress.

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