Oceanfront family retreat Bonaire

Work in progress

In the heart of Bonaire one of our design teams is working on an ongoing project: the creation of a luxury vacation home tailored for family and friends. This marks our fourth collaboration with this client, and as with our previous endeavors, this project is a testament to the trust and harmony we’ve established over the years.

Retreat Bonaire
Oceanfront family home

Situated right next to the azure ocean, this house is a dream come true for this family of fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts. The location not only provides a stunning backdrop but also offers practicality for the family’s favorite activities. Designed for both relaxation and entertainment, the house features a generously sized kitchen – the heart of every home, but particularly so for this family who enjoys entertaining. The kitchen, stroke of design and functionality, is equipped to handle everything from intimate family dinners to large gatherings.

Family retreat

In a seamless blend of the interior with the exterior, we’ve incorporated massive sliding doors all around, connecting the spaces and allowing the tropical outdoors to become an integral part of the home. This design feature further emphasizes the family’s love for the Bonaire landscape and the island lifestyle. Crafted with durability and easy maintenance in mind, the house is party-proof – all surfaces are cleanable, and materials are chosen for their resilience. This ensures that the home remains pristine and inviting, even after hosting grand events.

A standout feature of this project is the large pool, providing a perfect spot for family fun or tranquil relaxation. This, coupled with the home’s prime location, ensures endless enjoyment of the island’s sunny climate.

The color palette employed for this project is clean and minimalistic, mirroring the purity of the island and the clear ocean waters. It provides a calm and serene atmosphere, allowing the family’s vibrant life and the home’s stunning surroundings to take center stage.

material board
Family retreat

As we continue to work on this project, our aim is to encapsulate the family’s lifestyle and preferences, creating a home that truly belongs to them – a haven of luxury, leisure, and familial warmth in their beloved Bonaire.

Garage family retreat

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