Coast tiles

Discover how Douglas & Jones COAST, GLAZE, and CEMENT tiles harmonize with other Piet Boon Products

28 May 2024

The Piet Boon by Douglas & Jones COAST, GLAZE, and CEMENT tiles, each with a unique appearance, are designed to enrich both indoor and outdoor spaces. These tiles feature the distinctive Piet Boon style and offer a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

COAST tile by Douglas & Jones - An ode to the coast

The COAST tile is inspired by the serene coast and the subtle play of light on sand. This series combines English Portland stone and travertine and is available in four soft, warm colors: Cenere, Tortora, Beige, and Bianco, in three sizes. Each color in 60×120 cm also has a 3D relief with a line structure called ‘Ribbed’. The soft, misty finish of the tiles invites combination with our TEXTURE tile, creating a harmonious transition of textures. Suitable for both wall and floor.

Coast tile
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Cement tile

CEMENT tile by Douglas & Jones - Timeless and robust

The CEMENT tile reflects the pure and timeless aesthetics of cement, with a lifelike appearance that captures the robust texture of concrete. In five colors – White, Beige, Flax, Taupe, and Greige – and three sizes, this series offers a solid foundation for any interior: for both wall and floor. The matte, natural finish enhances an authentic look and feel.

Cement tile

GLAZE tile by Douglas & Jones - An artisanal tile with a vintage look

These artisanal tiles owe their beauty to the use of authentic glazes. The subtle color nuances appear playful, creating a unique whole. The shape of the GLAZE tile invites you to play with patterns; standing, lying, herringbone, or diagonal. The GLAZE tile can be used as both wall and floor tile and is available in the color ‘SAND’.

Glaze tile