Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store

With the pace of daily life, the bathroom has an increasingly important function as a sanctuary. In line with our design philosophy and passion for rich natural materials, craftsmanship, innovative textures and color combinations, our vision on bathroom design comes to life in the Piet Boon bathroom collection. 

In our flagship store we offer many possibilities and endless combinations of materials and colors to meet your needs. We welcome you to our Bathroom Flagship Store where you can experience our design philosophy, various collections and products.

Opening hours & address

Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00

Saturdays are often popular. We advise you to make an appointment in advance so we can guarantee you our undivided attention. A visit outside of our regular opening times is possible by appointment.

Skoon 80 D
1511 HV Oostzaan
The Netherlands

About our Bathroom Flagship Store

Our 500 m2 bathroom flagship store offers the ultimate Piet Boon experience, where all of our bathroom products may be seen in a range of inspiring settings. Each design is a translation of Studio Piet Boon’s unique philosophy and an embodiment of the studio’s approach to living. The Bathroom Flagship Store features collaborations with the brand’s long-time partners, such as COCOON, Douglas & Jones, Formani and Senso.

How we work

Design professionals

We offer several flagship store services for you as our business relation. Whether you are an interior design specialist, architect, or stylist, we encourage you to use our flagship stores and to take advantage of our services. The Piet Boon Flagship Stores are the perfect setting to see, feel and experience the full collection, with your clients, in a comfortable setting. A separate meeting room and sample room is available on request and offers the complete range of available materials samples and color combinations. For a custom-made proposal or any other inquiries please contact store@pietboon.com.

Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store
Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store
Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store

Salvatori Flagship Store

Complementing the Piet Boon Flagship Stores, we collaborate with premium partners. In addition to the inspirational settings for our own products, the Salvatori Flagship Store is located in our Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store. Here you may view Salvatori products, ranging from natural stone floors, walls, cabinets, baths and washbasins to accessories in different colors and textures, in various settings. Salvatori is an Italian design brand specialized in natural stone.

Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store
Piet Boon Bathroom Flagship Store