06 December 2022

For the upcoming holiday season, Studio Piet Boon has teamed up with artist Frankey— also known as Streetart Frankey — to create an end-of-year gift. This year, in addition to this gift, the artist invades the Piet Boon Flagship Store with an exhibition for 30 of his latest works including a end of the year installation, called Too hot to candle. All centered on the theme of childhood memories, and all to strike both visitors and clients with a light touch of magic and amusement. The artworks will be on display and for sale starting December 15 at the Piet Boon Living & Outdoor Flagship Store in Oostzaan. Everyone is welcome.

End of the year installation - Too hot to candle

For Frankey, the inspiration for this installation begins in his childhood. Back then, he believed the candle held something magical; the candle’s flame being particularly attractive to him. However, his mother disapproved of playing with candles. Nevertheless, Frankey, in child-like wonder, would sneak in moments to squeeze the candle rim, causing the liquid wax to overflow, further igniting the candle’s flame. In his experience, the flame reached such epic sizes that its glow would transform the entire space. Out of this childhood memory, ‘Too hot to candle’ was born. A classic XL candlestick melted by its giant flame.

“Smiles! That’s what it’s all about.”


The exhibition - HAHA!

Frankey continues his exploration of childhood memories with an explosion of the imagination in his latest expo HAHA!. In 30 new works, the artist takes a deeper nostalgic look back at the moments and images that have influenced his ways of thinking and looking. From cartoons to powerhouse movies to other artists, these inspirations are funny, moving, clever, chaotic and ubiquitous. To Frankey, his “interventions” — as he calls them — are meant to take viewers out of the ‘everyday’ and, most importantly, inspire a huge smile.

DATE: December 15 till January 10, 2023.

LOCATION: Piet Boon Living & Outdoor Flagship Store – Skoon 78, Oostzaan.
All Flagship Stores are open from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 17:00.

About holiday season collaborations

Studio Piet Boon is a big fan of artists. In all projects, from residential to hospitality, art plays an indispensable role. Every holiday season, the team collaborates with an artist to create a unique gift for clients, but also to inspire guests in the Piet Boon Flagship Store with specially crafted works of art. Previous collaborations include Art of Nature by Italian artist, Mattia Vernocchi, and a unique card set created with Nynke Tynagel. The tradition continues this holiday season in a delightful and playful collaboration with Frankey.