40 years of Studio Piet Boon

17 October 2023

On October 2nd, 2023, Studio Piet Boon celebrated its 40th anniversary. We marked this milestone with a heritage film, an intimate expo, and the release of a special coffee table book. Together, these elements illustrate the essence and foundational building blocks of our studio. The short film, which you can view above, delves into the evolution of Studio Piet Boon from a local construction company to becoming a globally recognized brand. Discover more of our 40th-anniversary details below.


Intimate expo

Through six unique installations, we showcase our journey over these four decades. From Piet Boon’s humble beginnings as a carpenter in Oostzaan to our esteemed stature today as a globally recognized brand with a team of over 70 professionals, each part of the exhibition unveils a chapter of our story and highlights our milestones. 

The intimate exhibition is now open in our flagship stores in Oostzaan, and we warmly welcome everyone to come and experience it firsthand.

Rise of a Builder:
Reflects on founder Piet Boon’s evolution from a builder to a designer.
A Journey of Change:
Illustrates Studio Piet Boon’s transformative journey to its current status as a global design studio, represented by intimate photography and the art books we’ve published over the years.
Unity in Design:
Celebrates our diverse and talented team, united by a common mission and passion, that transforms the studio’s vision into elegant realities.
Future of Design:
Introduces a forward-thinking perspective on pioneering materials, emphasizing our dedication to eco-innovation and sustainable design.
Bound by Best:
Features over 200 unique products and collaborations that depict the expansive network and the collaborative spirit of the studio.
Unfolding an Icon:
Offers an in-depth look at the iconic KEKKE chair, highlighting the innate simplicity and iconic nature of its design.
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Coffee table book: 40 by Studio Piet Boon

We’re excited to present our new coffee table book, ‘40 By Studio Piet Boon’. Our team worked very hard and passionately to make this happen. This publication captures defining moments of the studio, showcasing 40 unique design ideas. 

Each is illustrated with captivating photography and enhanced with stories about our recent ventures and iconic products. These ideas stem from collaborations between our clients, partners, and our diverse, skilled team – the fundamental building blocks of Studio Piet Boon.