Telephone Exchange Building

Work in progress

Located in Amsterdam-West, the former building of the 6th Telephone Exchange is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Commissioned by GPS Vastgoed, the building’s monumental structure is being transformed into a versatile apartment complex by architects Rijnboutt, AvB Projects, and Studio Piet Boon. We are specifically assigned with the interior design of the complex, including a complete turnkey design for two exclusive show apartments.

Built in 1926 and declared a municipal monument in 2009, this building is a testament to Amsterdam’s rich cultural history. It served as a telephone exchange at the Filips van Almondestraat location until 2015, when its functions became redundant.

Telephone exchange

Our design philosophy for this project is rooted in respect for the building’s heritage, balanced with a forward-thinking approach. Our aim is to breathe new life into the structure while preserving its historical features. A key design challenge involves the addition of a new floor, transforming the structure into a two-story building, excluding two apartments with atypical floor plans due to their positioning in the building. The end result is a harmonious blend of old and new, representing the changing dynamics of urban living.

telephone exchange building

The apartments on offer, with their varying nave dimensions, exemplify the versatility of modern architectural design. We will retain original doors and concrete spans to respect the building’s character. A long corridor leads to the main structure, which retains the untouched, monumental staircase at its heart.

The materials selected for this project harmonize with the building’s industrial past. Durable industrial flooring and concrete spans form a robust framework that underscores the structure’s historical appeal.


Working in partnership with Studio REDD for garden design, we’re committed to enhancing the natural environment surrounding the building and promoting sustainability. The garden wall will flourish with a variety of sun-loving and shade-tolerant climbing plants, fostering biodiversity and creating visual interest.

The 6th Telephone Exchange project underscores our commitment to preserving historical architectural gems and reimagining them for the demands of contemporary living. The ultimate goal is to create a blend of comfortable residences that echo the past while embracing the future.

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Work in progress

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