Art Hotel

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For Studio Piet Boon, the Art Hotel is the first total hospitality concept on the lively tropical island of Curaçao. The hotel is located in a monumental building in Pietermaai. Pietermaai is a part of Willemstad, named after captain Pieter de Meij, who settled in Curaçao in 1674. The district, which is located on the coast, has developed into a cool area in recent years. Because of its lively environment and rich history, the Pietermaai District is also called the SoHo of Curaçao.

The team is responsible for the interior design of the public areas, restaurant, hotel rooms and the penthouses of the Art Hotel. All of this with keeping the monumental status of the building in mind. The Art Hotel is formed by 2 types of buildings: a monumental building and a new building shaped around the monumental part. Part of the exterior was designed by locally based VIP Architects.

Art Hotel
Art hotel

At the rear, the hotel opens up more and more to merge with nature and the sea. This transition can also be felt in the interior design, the colors and the ambiance. The relaxed atmosphere inside contrasts with the vibrant culture outside and together they provide an unforgettable experience. For this design vision we used various mood images as inspiration for the future design.

Studio Piet Boon is known for its ability to find the just the right balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The design team has artistically translated the identity of the island into the interior concept, for example by using art objects by local artists.

Art Hotel
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"A heaven of tranquility will be celebrated with sensory details."

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