Studio Piet Boon designs Rosewood Miyakojima Resort in Japan

Rosewood Resort Miyakojima

Work in progress

The inaugural resort of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® on Miyakojima, nestled within the Japanese Okinawa archipelago, is nearing completion. This opulent retreat boasts 55 fully-equipped villas and enjoys the comprehensive planning and design expertise of the studio, encompassing the overarching master plan, individual villa layouts, communal buildings, and the complete interior design. The Miyakojima Peninsula is praised for its beautiful beaches in one of the most scenic locations in the country. Miyako Island and nearby islands offer miles of soft, white sand with endless vistas of turquoise blue sea. Aquatic adventures range from snorkeling at Yabiji, the largest coral reef in Japan, to diving through underwater caves teeming with marine life.

Studio Piet Boon Designs Rosewood Miyakojima Resort in Japan

The resort’s villas feature private pools, landscaped gardens and unobstructed sea views. The complete lay-out, architecture and interiors were designed by Studio Piet Boon, which immerses guests in the natural environment and expresses harmony with the island through the extensive use of local materials and local customs. Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. is providing local architectural expertise and support to realize the design vision.

“Our approach for this hotel is based on modern interpretations of Miyakojima's traditional architecture to create a harmonious and welcoming environment where guests are immersed in the local nature”

Miyako material board

Four restaurants and bars will include relaxed beachside concepts featuring fresh seafood, island-local beef, local spirits and craft beer. Asaya, Rosewood’s groundbreaking integrated wellness concept, will offer treatment rooms amid private gardens, indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy facilities and a menu of programs and services influenced by local healing traditions.

Studio Piet Boon Designs Rosewood Miyakojima Resort in Japan
Studio Piet Boon Designs Rosewood Miyakojima Resort in Japan

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