Le Magasin Haarlem

Work in progress

Studio Piet Boon is responsible for the interior design of the former Hudson’s Bay building on the Verwulft in Haarlem. The iconic building, mainly known in Haarlem as the former V&D building, has the status of a national monument.


Le magasin sketches

The studio is venturing into the interior design of the energy-friendly monument. All of this with keeping the monumental status of the building in mind. The ground floor and the first floor will remain in use as retail space. 

The atrium, surrounded by approximately forty apartments and a number of penthouses, is located in the heart of the building and refers to the historic Haarlem courtyards. In this way, the design team maintains the identity of the environment. Le Magasin is being designed in collaboration with MVSA architects.

Le Magasin

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