Hotel And Branded Residences, Saudi Arabia

Work in progress

One of our design teams is designing the interiors for an exclusive five-star hotel, which includes: 1 royal suite and 86 guestrooms. Next to this, our team is also responsible for the interior design of 9 branded residences, each with its dedicated communal areas, in the historical Diriyah Gate of Riyadh.

The hotel’s facilities are designed to provide guests with a sense of refined comfort and include a main parlor, grand salon, petit salon, library, lounge, and a French brasserie with a crystal garden. Guests can also enjoy the back parlor, courtyard dining throughout the day, serene prayer rooms, versatile meeting rooms, a dual-level spa and wellness center with treatment rooms, an outdoor area, a rooftop pool bar with an expansive pool area, a shisha lounge, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The opening is anticipated for 2026.


Nestled in the storied Diriyah square district, this project showcases the harmonious interplay of tradition and modernity. The historic charm of the local Saudi Arabian Najdi architecture and the refined grace of French aesthetics come together.

Our design vision is to encapsulate the essence of the geode — a hollow stone, seemingly modest on the outside yet captivating within. We envision a journey of sensory discovery for the guests, from the earth-toned pathways leading to the heart of opulence.


The interiors, a canvas of art, mirror the irregular, spontaneous growth that reminds of Diriyah itself. Here, the smallest grain of sand echoes the grandeur of crystal glass.

The Najdi vernacular, forming the architectural foundation, is blended with the signature French style. Adobe brickwork, large rounded columns, and adorned parapets with triangular steps contribute to a facade that reflects the past.

Inside, guests are greeted with a contemporary reinterpretation of these elements—triangular openings and colonnades meet modern furnishings and art, creating an atmosphere of sophisticated calmness.

Project hotel

Each courtyard, serving as a transition between the hotel’s realms, offers distinct vistas by day and night, with art installations complementing the atmosphere. The wellness areas, inspired by naturally formed shapes, and the pool decks, breathing tranquility, offer a retreat within a retreat.

In the hotel and branded residences, every detail is a reference to the culture and serenity of Diriyah and French art de vivre.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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