SAAR kitchen stool

SAAR kitchen & bar stool
Elegant and durable

The SAAR kitchen & bar stool are both elegant and durable. Inspired by the iconic SAAR design, the SAAR kitchen and bar stool add a touch of low-key luxury living to any interior.
SAAR kitchen stool at Jawaher villas Riyadh

The classic design embraces a solid oak or walnut wooden frame and leather low-back seating, finished with the unique Studio Piet Boon stitching.

SAAR kitchen stool
SAAR bar stool at Delta lloyd
SAAR kitchen stool and MASS kitchen



  • Fabric cat. P, Piet Boon fabric indoor
  • Leather cat. D, Piet Boon leather
  • Leather cat. S, Piet Boon leather


  • Oak taupe (TP)
  • Oak black (BL)
  • Oak white (WH)
  • Oak dark brown (WE)
  • Oak grey brown (GB)
  • Oak natural (BG)
  • Oak opaque white (OW)


Legs upholstered or in oak. Frame of oak. Stretch fabric in the seat. Covered with high resilience foam and polyester fibers.

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