Element kitchen office Brabant

ELEMENT kitchen office Brabant

The heart of an office

Seemingly simple but well thought out and made of high-quality materials, the versatile ELEMENT kitchen fits every lifestyle. This ELEMENT kitchen is placed in an office.

The design of the ELEMENT kitchen in this office project revolves around unity in color and materials. For example, we used the same natural stone on the wall and the fireplace. The kitchen merges with the overall architecture. By the use of subdued colors we ensured that the kitchen does not compete with the indoor and outdoor environment, but rather blends in. There are several views of the garden, which creates a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

Element kitchen
Office Brabant Element kitchen

Not only the design, but also the functionality is of a high level in this design. In this kitchen you will find a spacious dishwasher and a combi-steam oven. A wine fridge is integrated into the design of the wall cabinet. All technical products are aesthetically incorporated into the design. This kitchen has been designed in such a way that people can easily move past each other to encourage walk-through.

The use of rich materials, combined with a serene color palette, gives the environment an interesting appearance. The kitchen island consists, among other things, of the beautifully grained Mono Grizzio Bianco marble. The back wall consists of Pietra di Medici marble. The fronts are made of robust clay-stain brushed oak.

The exciting mix of materials, in combination with a soft color palette with colors like those of the kitchen island, create an inspiring setting.

The end result is a timeless kitchen, where cooking and socializing will be a forever pleasure.

Office Brabant kitchen
Element Kitchen Office Brabant
Element kitchen
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