Beach House Spain

Work in progress

Located in Andalusia, Spain, this beach house is surrounded by picturesque white stucco houses and within walking distance of the shore. It is designed to the specifications of the owners: light, contemporary and fitting with the characteristics of its environment. It’s the perfect place for the family to rest, relax, and fully enjoy the natural coastal environment.
Beach House Spain

With the Studio Piet Boon signature, this vacation home goes from a typical Spanish cottage to a balanced, powerful and sophisticated pied-à-terre. The usually coarse, muscle white stucco of the facade is refined to a softer white texture. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood bring harmony between the interior, exterior and surrounding environment of the house. With a color palette that is light-warm and soft, this architectural metamorphosis has a unique allure and offers its inhabitants a peaceful and serene home away from home.

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