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At Studio Piet Boon we celebrate the harmony of design and function—a philosophy reflected in our partnership with Domani, the epitome of craftsmanship in pottery. Our debut collaboration has resulted in the co-creation of the MOYA pots collection.

About Domani

Established in Belgium in 1992, Domani brings the future to the age-old art of handcrafted pots and planters. The founders, Bart Bauweraerts, Gino van den Breen, and Pieter Leemans, create pieces in clay, zinc, and corten steel from their Antwerp design house to their Hungarian artisanal workshop near Pécs.

Domani partner
Moya pots

Pottery: natural statements for living spaces

Domani pots are not just containers but natural statements for living spaces. Their terracotta work celebrates millennia of artistry, balancing traditional and modern aesthetics. Corten steel pieces evolve with the elements, wearing time’s passage as a vibrant, rust-hued coat that protects and beautifies. Zinc creations, recognized for their eco-friendly footprint, acquire a singular weathered finish, blending strength with elegance. Raku pottery, a Japanese technique, speaks to Domani’s respect for unpredictable beauty. 

Domani pots

Each piece, with its unique cracks and shades, tells a story of fire, air, earth, and water.

Through our partnership with Domani, we invite you to experience the blend of traditional techniques and modern design—a curated collection where every piece resonates with the narrative of nature and craftsmanship.

Moya by Domani

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