Milaan Salone

Studio Piet Boon introduces the home of inside-outside at Salone del Mobile 2023

24 April 2023

For this year’s edition of Salone del Mobile, Studio Piet Boon welcomed visitors into the home of inside-outside. Designed to bring balance to modern life, the thoughtfully-composed décor brought elements of the outdoors into the domestic space—and vice versa. Exterior and interior spaces merged into one harmonious whole, creating an ideal backdrop for the presentation of the new Piet Boon indoor-outdoor furniture collection. To enhance a sense of continuity, visitors were surrounded by museum-worthy art that incorporated cues from nature into the total design concept.

Inspired by the Pigments of Nature

In bringing the outdoors into our homes, the designers of Studio Piet Boon were inspired by the Pigments of Nature. They opted for a serene palette of soft green and light brown shades that magnify the true tones of our surroundings. The colors were integrated in the both the interior and exterior design as well as the furniture design, including a wide range of upholstery options that allow for creating visual interest in any space. The choice for hybrid materials, that maintain their elegance both indoor and outdoor, emphasizes the unity of the two worlds that now have become one.

“As the functionality of indoor and outdoor spaces blur, our connection to the natural world becomes stronger, inviting us to find balance in everyday life.”

Furniture design for 2023—and far beyond

With 11 new product launches, the studio introduces the largest number of new furniture pieces at once ever. Crafted to only become more beautiful in time, each design expresses an understated sense of abundance that fits the modern zeitgeist, and far beyond.

RAF lounge series

The RAF is the first upholstered Piet Boon lounge series for both indoor and outdoor use. The rounded cushions on the daybeds are designed to move with the sun and add softness to the architectural frame. The entire design is weatherproof, from frame to cushions and topper. The RAF series consist of a single & double daybed, a loveseat, an armchair, a side table and a storage basket.

Salone del mobile

KEKKE outdoor series

The KEKKE outdoor series makes the iconic shape of the KEKKE indoor dining room table and chairs ideal for outdoor use. The frame of the outdoor chair is made from aluminum. It’s available in any of Piet Boon’s premium outdoor fabrics. The outdoor table’s sleek, steel legs create a chic contrast with the concrete tabletop. The series is crafted for an elegant outdoor dining experience.

CARA indoor solid and swivel chair

With the CARA swivel chair, the designers of Studio Piet Boon put a new twist on their existing CARA dining chair. The original four-leg design now has an elegant sister, featuring a closed Studio Piet Boon 3/3 base and swivel capability. The soft, lavishly pleated upper cushions are upholstered in the same fabric as the base.


KEKKE indoor lounge series

The KEKKE lounge chair and ottoman offer the perfect way to enjoy long, relaxed days and nights at home. The design is based on the existing KEKKE dining chair but is more expansive, which means it’s more comfortable, as well. The chair is lower to the ground and features a tilted seat upholstered in soft leather or fabric. It’s designed to be paired with the ottoman. Both models feature thicker, powder-coated steel frames.

BOB indoor sofa

After introducing the award-winning BOB armchair in 2022, this year Piet Boon launches the BOB sofa, as well. This design, just like the armchair, features a comfortably high back and is available with two or three seats. It’s the perfect addition to the Piet Boon collection. Designed for smaller spaces, in a hospitality, corporate, or residential setting, to surround the user with comfort.


Art as a design element

To enhance a sense of continuity, the home of inside-outside showcases a selection of museum-worthy art that incorporates cues from nature into the total design concept. Curated by our design team, the art is integrated in both the interior and exterior.