Mattia Vernocchi and Studio Piet Boon Celebrate the Art of Nature

24 November 2021

For this unique collaboration, Studio Piet Boon commissioned artist, Mattia Vernocchi of Cesena, Italy, to create small, custom and meaningful art pieces. His work is instinctive and combines natural elements from his surroundings, creating one-of-a-kind and personal artworks. Since playing with a combination of materials, colors, art and objects is one of the hallmarks of our work, Mattia’s method of crafting fits in beautifully with the designs of Studio Piet Boon.


Art plays an essential role in the design philosophy of Studio Piet Boon. We believe that creating an inviting space requires finishing touches such as small objects, display pieces, artwork and ornaments that inspire the mood for discovery and gathering.


Therefore our inhouse styling team is always on the lookout for timeless accessories and artworks with a real soul. We are fond of diversity, using art and styling in whatever form: whether major or minor pieces, both in terms of size and value. The scope of Studio Piet Boon is to balance the different types of pieces and create a coherent whole.


“My investigation of nature was born from the curiosity of some natural elements, such as trees, branches, shrubs that came to me visually in the form of signs, perfect signs, vertical lines but soft, hardly achievable manually. This is where my inspiration was born, my research in preserving these perfect signs with concrete casts from the end of a natural process, a process that comes from life and ends with death but leaves an indelible mark of strength and beauty.”

- Mattia