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Studio Piet Boon debuts collaboration with Domani: The MOYA Pottery Outdoor Collection

21 March 2024

Studio Piet Boon is excited to present the MOYA Pottery Collection: an exclusive collaboration with Domani, renowned creator of high-quality pots. This unique range of handcrafted pots, exemplifying the intersection of utilitarian design and aesthetic elegance, is now showcased at the Piet Boon Flagship Stores in Oostzaan and exclusively available for purchase. 

Domani partner

Introducing Domani

Founded in 1992 by Bart Bauweraerts, Gino van den Breen, and Pieter Leemans, Domani has established itself as a beacon of high-quality pottery manufacturing. Based in Belgium, the company is known for its commitment to expert craftsmanship and natural materials. From the design inception in their Antwerp showroom to the manual production process near Pécs, Hungary, Domani ensures the preservation of pottery as a significant art form for future generations.

Moya pots

The MOYA Pottery Collection: timeless design and craftsmanship

The Piet Boon by Domani MOYA collection stands as a prime example of our design philosophy: an embodiment of stylish simplicity and serene sophistication. Handcrafted at Domani’s atelier near Pécs, Hungary, each piece in the collection blends functionality with visual appeal. Made for resilience, the MOYA pots offer both outdoor robustness and interior elegance.

A modern homage to Dutch tradition and nature

The MOYA collection emerged from a desire to create a fresh addition to Domani’s portfolio. Featuring clean, bold silhouettes and adorned with premium finishes, the collection showcases pots distinguished by their iconic shapes and subtle textures. Paying homage to the picturesque Dutch landscape and traditional materials like hay used in thatched roofing, the MOYA collection’s signature hay texture narrates a story rooted in Dutch culture.

Natural brown

Design philosophy: embracing robust elegance with softness

The design of the MOYA pots is a fusion of boldness and grace. The pronounced hay-textured band beautifully contrasts with the pot’s soft, smooth base, highlighting the natural flexibility of the clay. This interplay of textures exemplifies our design vision: to blend nature’s feel into our living spaces, where the rugged beauty of the outdoors meets the refined calm of indoor design.

Domani pottery collection

Discover the Piet Boon by Domani MOYA Collection

Explore the MOYA pots by visiting our webshop or experiencing the collection firsthand at our Flagship Stores in Oostzaan, the Netherlands.

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