Create your ultimate outdoor area with the Piet Boon Outdoor Collection

If there’s one thing we love, it’s spending time outdoors. Imagine an outdoor living space as beautiful, compelling and comfortable as your home. Among the pleasures and challenges of decorating an outdoor space are choosing quality outdoor furniture, selecting plants, and adjusting the proportions of the area to perfection.

Whether you live in an apartment or a sprawling seaside family home, these challenges remain. Crafting the ultimate outdoor living area takes more than just a moment’s thought. We believe an alfresco area should be just as well-designed and comfortable as your interior. To accomplish this, choose tiles in the same color to connect your indoor with the outdoor space. Select furnishings that complement outdoor environment, taking into account your surroundings, family composition, and naturally, the size of your garden or balcony.  

If dining outside is important to you, opt for a table-like set-up and create a warm enclave where you can enjoy meals and occasions of every kind, even when the weather turns cooler. Or go for an ultimate relaxation area and stick with low-slung chairs or chaises better suited for reading and dreaming. Next–accessories– the right cushions add to that optimal feeling of living outdoors during long, sunny days.

A space should not only be beautiful but should let you take a moment to fully enjoy being.

Whether it’s a fireplace, parasol or outdoor heater, these additions should be influenced by your seating picks and provide the finishing touch to the indoor/outdoor seating set. For added value, create a coherent whole by choosing the right materials and in a connecting color scheme.

It’s not just about thoughtful details, it’s about comfort and ease.

Attention to the surrounding greenery is key. All-season florals may brighten up the vista—and even a vine trailing the nearest wall will add an instant touch of summer.

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