Hof van Saksen

Studio Piet Boon revitalizes the original holiday homes, known as Havezate, at the prestigious Hof van Saksen. Most farmhouses have already been completed, and by mid-2025, all are expected to unveil their new look. Studio Piet Boon was responsible for the interior transformation of the Luxe and Luxe Wellness farmhouses.


Embracing nature’s palette

Inspired by the surrounding natural beauty, our design concept for Hof van Saksen seeks to harmonize indoor spaces with the outdoor environment. Drawing on the serene and soothing hues found in nature, our color palette blends neutral tones with the warmth of wood and the resilience of stone to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Living room
Bedroom light

Seasonal immersion and connection with nature

Our design philosophy extends beyond aesthetics to offer guests a connection with the environment. The seasonal changes inspire an immersive experience, emphasizing the simplicity and intricacy of nature’s layers.

Bedroom and bathroom
Bathroom and sauna

A timeless design concept

In this project, we opted for sturdy fixed millworks and elements over conventional loose furniture, anchoring the holiday homes in a sense of permanence and belonging. The design reflects the hues and textures of the surrounding landscape, infusing natural colors and materials to complement the exterior’s beauty.

Hof van Saksen

Elevating the experience

Our commitment to enhancing the guest experience is further exemplified by the inclusion of our own INC hardware and TRIBE lamps, alongside the distinctive CHALK tiles. These elements add a layer of sophistication and modernity to the newly designed spaces, blending functionality with natural aesthetics.


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