Half Moon Bay Antigua Rosewood Hotel & Resort

Work in progress

Studio Piet Boon has been appointed to design an ultra-luxury hospitality project on the island of Antigua, with a mission to ‘Redefine Luxury in the Caribbean’. The hotel and resort will be situated in Half Moon Bay, the most desirable location in Antigua, tucked into the island’s South-East coast. Surrounded by untouched landscape resplendent with vegetation and rolling hills, the site provides a varied topography surrounding one of the finest beaches in the world.


Studio Piet Boon has set forth a vision for Half Moon Bay as a resort that deeply connects with nature and the serenity of its setting. Throughout the resort, there is a fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces that promote tranquillity, exploration and harmony with the environment. The vision is inspired by the premise that as nature grows more beautiful over time, so too should the Half Moon Bay resort. The design carefully considers the use of materials to reflect the Caribbean character and an environmental consciousness.


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