Frites Atelier Amsterdam

Commissioned by Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman, Studio Piet Boon created a new place of worship for “haute friture”. Drawing inspiration from the traditional French brasseries and restaurant Balthazar in New York, the interior design of the Atelier pays homage to the art of making “Frites”. In doing so we deliberately chose to steer clear from the traditional chip shop and create an environment where customers can soak up the luxury total concept  design within a couple of minutes. Infusing the interior with a strong sense of authenticity.

SPB_NL_Frites_Atelier_Amsterdam_2017_JH_ANTW_003 (1).jpg

Frites Atelier Amsterdam boasts a mosaic tiled floor, a bronzed ceiling, bespoke ceramic sauce dispensers made by Cor Unum and tin work benches that rest on marbled counters. Bringing “frites” and Michelin-star quality together. Piece de resistance is the in bronze cast black stove designed by Studio Molen that acts as the perfect stage for the atelier’s craftsmen.


“With Frites Atelier Amsterdam we were given the opportunity to create a unique hospitality retail design that enables its customers to experience ‘haute friture’.”


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