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COLLECT trays by Serax

Elegance and practicality combined in marble

In our design efforts, we consistently strive to blend form and function with a touch of sophistication. This philosophy is exemplified in our COLLECT tray range: these marble trays in various sizes, seamlessly integrate into all living spaces, enhancing their visual appeal and functionality.

These trays are more than just marble blocks. Our designers envisage them as stages, providing a material separation between their resting surfaces and the objects they elegantly display or highlight. They are crafted with care to not overshadow the objects they hold. So functional utility and aesthetic refinement find balance in these creations.  

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Our design ethos favours simplicity while exuding elegance. We have chosen neutral black marble, adorned with a subtle vein pattern, as the prime material. The form follows function, manifesting as either a compact or a more extensive rectangle, each with subtly polished edges.

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Tray S: L 20 W 12 H 1.6

Tray M: L 30 W 25 H 1.6       

Tray L: L 35 W 20 H 1.6



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