Davy & Ørsted Houseboats

Innovation on the water by Davy & Ørsted meets the art of harmonious living by Studio Piet Boon.

Studio Piet Boon is known for creating spaces that strike the perfect balance between form and function. Our collaboration with Davy & Ørsted Houseboats epitomizes this philosophy. By combining Dutch design with a passion for sustainable luxury, we introduce a unique living experience on the water.

Living part of the boat

About Davy & Ørsted

Davy & Ørsted combine their expertise in aluminum craftsmanship with our vision for elegant, timeless design. Together, we create exclusive houseboats that unite functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a unique experience on the water. With 20 years of experience in the boating and marina industry, Davy & Ørsted, based in Amsterdam, bring a wealth of knowledge to this collaboration.

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Experience the difference with Davy & Ørsted

Discover the refinement of water-based living with Piet Boon by Davy & Ørsted. Each houseboat reflects a commitment to detail and a focus on sustainability, beauty, and thoughtful design, harmoniously integrated to offer a unique living experience.

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