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Bath by COCOON
Washbasin by COCOON

Design For the design of the Piet Boon by COCOON bathtubs shapes are combined with functionality and powerful volumes. The design of the generous bathtubs may best be described as a rounded rectangle. This organic line, also on the inside of the bath, reinforces the ergonomics and thus offers the right support. For added functionality, we have provided the marble variant with a double edge, on which a solid wood bathtub bridge can rest and thus seamlessly connect to the bathtub rim. A perfect accessory on which to place a book, scented candle or favorite drink. The Piet Boon by COCOON baths are made in various sizes and are available in two types of materials: natural stone (such as marble) and solid surface. The solid surface bathtub is available in the dimensions 176 cm long, 86 cm wide and 52 cm high and the natural stone tub 182.50 cm long, 76.10 cm wide and 60 cm high.

- Piet Boon, founder Studio Piet Boon
Washbasin by COCOON
Bath by COCOON

New in the collection

At the beginning of this new year, we are proud to announce a new addition to our Piet Boon by COCOON product line: the durable solid surface bathtub. This bathtub also has a generous design and thus offers a high level of seating and lying comfort. The weight of this bathtub, about 200 kilograms, is considerably lighter than the 600 kilograms natural stone tub and is therefore suitable for any space. The price level of the solid surface bathtub is below that of the stone tub, and like our other products, is available in multiple colors and sizes.

“The design for the bathtub was inspired by the Piet Boon KEKKE shape, this characteristic shape was created and inspired by the simplicity and symmetry of geometric shapes.” - Andrea Sanson, Product Designer

- Andrea Sanson, Senior Product Designer

Color choice

Each Piet Boon by COCOON product, ranging from sinks and dressers to shower and bath faucet sets, is available in diverse Piet Boon color palettes, from light to dark. These serene colors are carefully selected using our color system. Over the years we have developed a range of ten colors. These are colors that we use frequently in projects and products because of their attractive and timeless character. Because this palette adapts well to different spaces, together they provide peace and balance. For the Piet Boon by COCOON natural stone bathtub there is a choice of ten different colors and for the durable solid surface material there is a choice of six different shades.

Bath by COCOON

Master bathroom

Thanks to the careful mix of luxurious materials, we can create a unique master bathroom where the bathtub plays the leading role. Although the tub is well suited for use against a wall, the freestanding bath is given a striking and central place in the room. By focusing on balance, the exclusive materials play the leading role in the room. This creates serenity and gives the user the ultimate opportunity to fully relax and enjoy a well-deserved moment of rest.