The door handle, a first handshake with a building

17 june 2021

Studio Piet Boon believes in the beauty of simplicity. The simplest details, like door hardware, leave a lasting impression in any space, and yet a door handle is often overlooked. This while it is the first connection to a building. For this reason we designed the Piet Boon by Formani hardware collection. For this collection, consisting of 4 different types of door handles, all aspects of necessary functionality were carefully researched and implemented into the design along with a balanced design.

Every project we design is different and customized, but over time the Piet Boon by Formani door handles have become a subtle signature in many of our projects. The clean lines and geometric designs of the Piet Boon by Formani collections have acquired an honest and pure, iconic and recognizable, yet neutral recognizability. Distinctive volumes and exciting contrasts predominate, hand in hand with the quality and functionality of the product. By enriching doors and sanitary areas with the complete collection of hardware and accessories, a unity is created. The range, in the recognizable color palette, thus contributes to the serenity experienced in a room.

It’s all about the details

The door can be very simple, but because of the sophisticated design we see the door handle as a real piece of jewelry on a door. It is the first beautiful impression of a house or building. The hardware collection consists of the 4 unique INC, ARC, ONE, TWO door handles, each with an entirely unique design, fitting within the design signature of Studio Piet Boon. In addition to door handles, the complete collection includes door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and other accessories like hooks, towel bars, doorstops, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Every series is available in their own various colors and finishes, ranging from white, satin stainless steel, PVD satin gold, bronze, satin black to PVD satin black.