Styling Items Treasure Sale

2 September 2019

During our ‘Treasure Sale’ we invite you to wander through our showroom that has been enriched with unique compositions of styling items curated by the Studio Piet Boon stylists. We offer a temporary and unique opportunity to buy these items as complete composition or stand-alone treasure, to enrich your home and bring that extra touch of vitality that every room needs.

Visit our showroom at Skoon 78 between September 28th and October 12th.

“Art, artifacts and styling are the ultimate reflection of identity.”
Karin Meyn

Studio Piet Boon has always been fond of diversity and traditional objects breathing character, charm and craftsmanship – in whatever form: whether major or minor pieces, both in terms of size and value. Balancing carefully selected objects, creating an exciting whole and bringing that additional spark through instinctive combinations and layers of shape, texture and color.