Studio Piet Boon designs prestigious F1 Dutch Grand Prix trophy

1 september 2021

We are proud to announce that Studio Piet Boon has been asked to design the prestigious Dutch Grand Prix trophy for 2021.  To celebrate the first Dutch Grand Prix since 1985, Dutch beer brand Heineken® collaborated with Studio Piet Boon to create a trophy made mainly from recycled materials that also carries historical significance and local relevance.  

Our team was inspired with the design from the first official trophy awarded at Zandvoort, in 1939, as well as the iconic green of Heineken® bottles. Studio Piet Boon wanted to create a trophy that links past and present with their craft and creativity.

Studio Piet Boon is known for its generous proportions and use of natural materials. This identity has been integrated in the design for the trophy and has been brought into perfect harmony with the development of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix 2021 and W Series. By focusing on the shape of the historical trophy, we have created the award in its own unique way by creating a new, contemporary, and generous design.

Trophy F1 Dutch Grand Prix

By using recycled materials the design not only gets a recognizable signature but also a sustainable aspect. It is the first F1® trophy made from recycled materials: the green glass bowl is produced by Sommer Dutch Glass Art, and the plastic plinth formed from recycled plastic crates is made by 3D Next Level both, located in the Netherlands. The presentation box is made from waste plywood, sourced in Europe.

F1 Dutch Grand Prix Trophy material
F1 Dutch Grand Prix Trophy material

To celebrate the trophy launch ahead of the Grand Prix, F1® legend Sir Jackie Stewart narrates a short launch film showcasing the design of Studio Piet Boon and the processes that were used to create the trophy.

F1 Dutch Grand Prix trophy design
F1 Dutch Grand Prix trophy design

“It’s an absolute honor to be associated with this championship and to be able to write a piece of history together with Heineken®. The discipline, an incredible eye for detail and the collaboration of a racing team, certainly shares common ground with our design team.”

designs prestigious F1 Dutch Grand Prix trophy