Milan Furniture Fair

A smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living at Salone del Mobile

15 June 2022

After its last edition in 2019, the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile was held from 7 to 12 June. Studio Piet Boon presented its renewed Piet Boon furniture collection at the renowned fair. The aim of the presentation was to emphasize the fluid transition between life inside and outside. The studio used darker tones and different shades of green to subtly underscore this outdoor feeling. In addition to the new furniture collections, visitors were surrounded by art from various Dutch artists and stepped into a world where functionality, aesthetics and individuality were composed in perfect balance.


Bold colors and statement furniture

For this year’s design, we celebrated a time of renewal and being connected to nature with the use of tonal hues of green integrated with bold tones and earthy, authentic colors. This stunning contrast of light and dark tones showcased our new line of products, and our new indoor and outdoor fabric collection, which was introduced simultaneously. TIMME, BENTE, BOB and RENS were placed in one decor to make a bold and eye-catching statement. 


After the monumental and robust outdoor furniture, a lighter, more refined outdoor dining series has now been added to the collection. Inspired by elegant simplicity, the studio deliberately chose to expose all elements and refined joints.



The BENTE is the first upholstered lounge series in the Piet Boon outdoor collection. Where the existing outdoor collection utilizes angular lines, the BENTE opts for rounded edges on all the wooden parts and softened details on the back and armrests.

Salone del Mobile


With the BOB armchair, Studio Piet Boon adds a regal and contrasting piece to its understated and elegant roster of armchairs and loveseats. The BOB allows the user to be embraced like royalty.



The RENS is the first Piet Boon sofa with an adjustable backrest. With a volume-oriented approach, the design team aims to offer an elegant, functional and highly modular sofa that harmonizes and invites people to feel comfortable.

salone del mobile

The world of Studio Piet Boon

Our open plan booth was an invitation to visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Studio Piet Boon, allowing them to experience our timeless products like the TIDE carpet, TRIBE floor lamp, DISC heater, our CONCRETE tiles and the TONE flooring collection in a space where aesthetics met functionality. We encouraged visitors to go on a voyage and discover the joy and beauty of simply being.

We invite you to discover all our new products as presented in Milan, in our three Flagship Stores in Oostzaan.

The art of being​

Our collection of indoor and outdoor products was accompanied by a curated selection of custom art pieces created by Dutch artists: Street Art Frankey, drawing inspiration from both childhood memories and a youthful fascination with present-day life and culture, the work of Frank de Ruwe, also known as Frankey, takes many forms yet is always recognizable through its playful creativity and light touch of mischief; Studio Molen, founded by Frederik Molenschot, is well known for its monumental bronze lighting sculptures, which, inspired by city lights and the night sky, visualize a vision of a future city; Corine van Voorbergen, through her minimalistic round art forms, she focuses on the idea of eternal movement; blowing glass bubbles is the central part of Marinke van Zandwijk’s work; and Ans Bakker, who tries to explain how it feels when you stand by the water in the Oosterschelde with her glass work in the series Zeeuws licht.

Salone del Mobile art