Range Rover Velar by Piet Boon

16 May 2019

Piet Boon has a long and special relationship with Land Rover. This has led to various limited editions and ‘one-offs’ throughout the years, for both Land Rover and Range
Rover. It is a feast of recognition at Land Rover for Boon, as both manufacturers uphold the same high standards: timeless design and durability.

Inspired by history

The first prototypes of the original Range Rover went under the name ‘Velar’. This is derived from the Latin word velare, which means to ‘veil’ or ‘conceal’. The name was intended to obscure the
‘sender’ for as long as possible. Various Velar prototypes were produced in the appealing Masai Red colour, Land Rover Colour number (LRC number) LRC378. Range Rover also used this shade for production models from 1970 to 1985. The historic name and colour have now been given a new lease of life in the Velar Piet Boon Edition. The designer from Oostzaan chose Masai Red in a silk gloss, giving the colour a contemporary feel. The high-gloss black details on the bonnet, window frames and roof form an exciting contrast, whereas mat black was chosen for the light-weight alloy wheels. 

Piet Boon: Choosing Masai Red to accentuate the sheer beauty of the current Velar design was my way of paying homage to the present day in this Velar Piet Boon Edition. It is always an honour to be allowed to work on a limited edition.

Contemporary high-tech

The Velar was an immediate sensation at its official launch as a Range Rover on 17 June 1970. It was the first time that real 4×4 features were seen to merge with pure luxury. Today’s Velar is the
ultimate Range Rover. It combines pioneering design (Winner of the World Car Design Award) with an elegantly simple interior that provides luxury, comfort and operating efficiency. One of the highlights is the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with two large HD touchscreens. Powerful engines combined with All Wheel Drive, IDD (Intelligent Driving Dynamics) and Torque Vectoring ensure an on and off-road driving experience that can be summed up in one word: legendary. And Piet Boon has added his own, inimitable historic dimension.

The unique Range Rover Velar D300 Piet Boon Edition costs €147,472 (complete), including VAT/BPM.