Paint and plaster

The introduction of Piet Boon Paint & Plaster

07 September 2022

Studio Piet Boon proudly presents a range of paint and plaster products, which are carefully created and matched to perfection. With our many years of experience, we have developed a collection in which colors and finishes blend harmoniously and enhance each other, allowing the user to enjoy the ultimate in convenience.

Over the years, Studio Piet Boon has mastered a series of recognizable colors that form a cohesive and well-balanced color scheme and are the base for our extensive range of design products. These subdued colors have now been grouped in a range of paint and plaster products, usable in and around the home, creating an attractive and elegant atmosphere in any environment.

The entire collection will be available for purchase exclusively through the webshop from September 8 at

Paint and plaster

The collection

The signature Piet Boon color palette is now expanded into a range of refined paint and plaster products. It consists of 20 subdued colors and 6 different finishes that are designed to effortlessly complement and blend into each other as well as a variety of materials, such as wood or natural stone. Suitable for use on interior and exterior walls and woodwork. All products, tools and samples will be exclusively available on our webshop.

“We have a minimalistic approach towards design and products. Having a huge range is not the goal. With our choice of 20 colors and 6 finishes, we want to offer only the essentials.”

Our Color Scheme

By crafting at the intersection of tension and elegance, Studio Piet Boon offers a harmonious color experience for designing authentic and unique interiors and exteriors that strike the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

The subdued, tonal color schemes form the base of each of our products, allowing each item to be effortlessly combined. The result is an exterior and interior design where the differences are subtle, but the impact is surprisingly big. All 6 finishes are available in 20 Piet Boon colors, varying from lighter to darker tones, and provided in the highest quality finishes from matte to gloss.

“We have always been intrigued by nature. Natural materials, natural colors. Through the Piet Boon Paint & Plaster palette we revisit memories made in nature throughout the world.”

About Piet Boon Paint & Plaster

Studio Piet Boon, founded in 1983, is a globally operating exterior, interior and product design studio recognized for creating perfectly balanced designs. Color and material play a crucial role in the designs of the studio. All Piet Boon products are designed to capture the essence of the Studio Piet Boon identity. 


Each high-quality designer piece is passionately crafted with rich natural materials, attention to detail and refined taste. Based on our knowledge of interior and design, we have created a paint and plaster collection in which colors and finishes blend harmoniously and reinforce each other, offering the user ultimate ease.  The Piet Boon Paint & Plaster collection is established in 2022.

The specially designed pop-up gallery will be open to the public on Saturday, September 17 from 10:00-17:00, Skoon 80C, in Oostzaan. The Piet Boon Flagship Stores are located next to the gallery. For more information and opening hours visit.