Frame kitchen

Piet Boon Kitchen launches FRAME Kitchen and two new kitchen total concepts

8 juli 2021

Every Piet Boon kitchen is made to meet the personal needs and preferences of the user. Also, the new FRAME Kitchen is “tailored to taste” and may be completely adapted to the wishes of the client. The various kitchen concepts of Piet Boon Kitchen are designed from the Studio Piet Boon design philosophy. The recognizable signature shows generous dimensions, exceptional details, a subdued color palette and the use of high quality and natural materials.

Design FRAME Kitchen

The characteristic design of the Piet Boon FRAME Kitchen seems to be framed like a painting. With its pronounced and slightly protruding framing, the design’s lines are accentuated. For the arrangement of the kitchen in this new setting, the studio team chose a lacquered and brushed oak version. The warm yet light and elegant Piet Boon color SHELL, which was implemented in this kitchen, shows the beauty of matte and glossy material combinations. For the kitchen worktop, the high-quality and true-to-nature material Caesarstone composite was chosen, in the color Bianco Drift. This material is well suited for intensive use, allowing the kitchen to retain its functional aspect in addition to its aesthetic quality.

FRAME kitchen

FRAME setting

The two new settings showcase a complete living environment in which the kitchen plays the leading role. In the 100m2 new FRAME setting, togetherness and commitment are given a central role. By creating vistas in the design, a connection to the entire space is created upon entering. In addition, the practical aspect of the space plays an important role in the design of this concept. It shows how detailed thought was given to functional spaces, such as a utility room, storage, and laundry room.  The symmetrical lines in the design create a logical flow through all the rooms, and the custom-made display cabinet is part of the environment. The generous fireplace is constructed of individual blocks giving the space an architectural feel. In this setting you will find various works of art by Annemieke van Beek, Cacoa 3 Studio, Mattia Vernocchi and Laura de Wilde, among others.


ELEMENT setting

The renewed and modular ELEMENT kitchen concept is exhibited in the Piet Boon Kitchen & Dining Showroom in a setting of 25m2 and is centrally situated in the room. By giving the island a central place and making it part of the design, the space is used optimally. The concept shows a kitchen island completely executed in honed Shitake Caesarstone composite. The custom cabinetry is strongly reminiscent of a living space. In this kitchen arrangement, the use of this material creates a natural connection. The walnut cabinet wall also provides a perfect canvas for special and personal styling objects, such as Anouk Kramer’s pottery, and is an aesthetic solution for the integrated refrigerator.

With its solid and straight lines, the timeless kitchen design shows a strong symmetrical image.
For this kitchen and living space, the design team of Studio Piet Boon chose rich materials and various textures. Both the cabinetry and the kitchen island and back wall may be seen as stand-alone elements. Through the use of perfectly matched colors, they still present a coherent and balanced overall picture. The whole is built up from three serene Piet Boon colors, through which the tactile characteristics and structures are clearly visible, and provide a subtle tension in the space. Casper Faasen’s artworks, with their soft and appropriate colors, are a rich addition to this intimate setting.


About the Piet Boon Kitchen & Dining Showroom

The 1,000m2 Kitchen & Dining Showroom features 15 different kitchens and, with the addition of FRAME, ten Piet Boon concepts. The showroom is open to consumers and design professionals from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 – 17:00. Address: Skoon 80 A, 1511 HV Oostzaan.