Art in our flagship store

New art pieces in our Flagship Store

27 July 2022

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ – Pablo Picasso

Frank de Ruwe, also known as Street Art Frankey, draws inspiration from both childhood memories and a youthful fascination with present-day life and culture. His work takes many forms yet is always recognizable through its playful creativity and light touch of mischief.

Frankey currently lives and works in Amsterdam, with his work having been displayed across the Netherlands, including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and in various exhibitions in the United States, Italy and Germany.

The work of Frank de Ruwe is most appreciated by an audience fond of truly distinctive art with a healthy dose of lightheartedness.

Flagship store art

Frankey didn’t really like traditional ‘standard’ flagpole holders. That is why he turned them into art objects. There are three models available, all made of bronze: RHINO, ICE CREAM and ROCKET. The whole collection can be seen at our Flagship Store.

Art piece


In addition, Frankey designed a bronze candle holder and a door knocker, available exclusively at our Flagship Store.