Choose the perfect, personalized sofa arrangement for your home with our modular sofas

18 March 2021

With our penchant for exclusive and functional design, we have designed a sofa collection with generous surfaces and large modules that may be linked in many different ways.

Often, sofas are placed in a traditional 3-seater setting; for example, opposite a television. This modular solution is functional, but may not produce the desired result for every interior. Less well known are the many possibilities that modular Piet Boon sofas offer, from an S-shape to a complete island. For example, a coffee table may be placed between elements, creating multifunctionality, keeping a book, laptop or drink within reach. At Studio Piet Boon we love customization, which is why all of our sofas are available in different configurations. Existing arrangements may be supplemented, adjusted or replaced.

Based on color and material, a choice is often made per sofa element and thus for the entire sofa. Choosing a module with either the same or a different color or material may have an attractive and inspiring effect on the whole. We offer a wide range of colors and various exclusive fabrics and leathers to choose from.

BO dining sofa

BO dining sofa

For us, thoughtful compositions are created through layering. Playing with various aspects, such as seating elements, materials and colors, a balance between aesthetics and functionality is achieved. We create new and comfortable settings. Our BO dining sofa, for example, is a lounge sofa that supplies seating during a sumptuous dinner, and then provides comfort for an evening of after-dinner conversation. Such a sofa deserves a prominent place as the centerpiece of a dining room.

DERK sofa

A sofa is often the most comfortable spot in the house. You would love to spend as much time on it as possible. The DERK modular sofa has a minimalist design with strong horizontal lines and is extremely comfortable, with generous dimensions and soft yet firm seat and back cushions. The DERK is available in various upholstery and leather types, colors and configurations. Choose from 186 different color and material combinations.

DON sofa

The DON sofa is the first Piet Boon sofa lifted off the ground by a steel frame, which makes it look as if the sofa is floating. This makes modular DON furniture a nice counterpart to living spaces with massive and heavy elements. The DON series also includes a dormeuse, chaise longue, armchair and ottoman. This series is also available in various luxury fabrics and leathers from the Piet Boon collection.

DIEKE sofa

The classic lines of the DIEKE are our ideal example of timeless design. With over 25 different elements, the DIEKE may be used in a wide variety of settings. Starting with a smaller classic arrangement, the sofa may be expanded over time with additions. Thanks to the removable cover, the upholstery may be changed as your taste does; this makes the DIEKE a lifelong companion for any interior.

More information, prices, dealers and contact

We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information and discuss your personal requirements. Contact us by sending an email to or by calling +31 20 722 00 44. Do you already own one of our sofas, and are you ready for something different? Give your sofa a whole new function and look by ordering matching items to change the setup. With this option, we extend the life of your furniture, and together, create a sustainable solution for your living space. Please contact us for more information and possibilities. In our showroom, experience the various models and be inspired in a unique Piet Boon setting. Look for the nearest dealer on our dealer page. Piet Boon Living & Outdoor showroom: Tuesday till Saturday 10:00 – 17:00, Skoon 78, 1511 HV Oostzaan, Netherlands